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Acknowledgments & Credits

We want to thank all our advertisers for their support by purchasing Program Advertisements last season!

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Great news regarding our Fry’s Football Fundraiser:

We hosted our Hot Dog & Soda Sale over the last two weekends and with a hard-working group of volunteers and football players we were able to raise over $3,200! (Not bad for, “60 Cents for a Hot Dog & Soda!!!”)

We had a wonderful turn out from the Burbank Community - they were very generous with their contributions and donations – we had many Burroughs Alumni make an EXTRA donation to our Football Program including a pair of tickets for a San Diego Chargers home game that we will auction off at a later date.

We'd would like to thank all of the Burroughs Families, Friends and Football players that volunteered their time and energy to make this fundraiser such a big success. A big “shout out” goes to Mike Mills for his organization and planning, but most of all to our Financial Secretary, Lydia Hernandez, an enthusiastic and tireless JB Arrowhead Club Volunteer. This year Lydia doesn’t have a player in the Program but still volunteers her time because she knows the value of a STRONG Booster Club!   

In Memoriam

As a former John Burroughs football player, I always appreciated the coaches emphasizing that we all were family and that we had to be available to support each other when times were good and times were not so good. This spirit of family and community is definitely still present here in John Burroughs Football.

As the JB Arrowhead Club President, I regret to inform you of the passing of two very important and beautiful ladies from our Burroughs Arrowhead Family. On behalf of the JB Arrowhead Club and the entire Football Program, coaches and players, we extend our deepest condolences to their families.

First is the passing of one of our original Arrowhead Club members and founders, Mrs. Janice Elaine DeFelicis. Mrs. DeFelicis served on the Arrowhead Board from 1974 to 1981. She is survived by her husband, Gus DeFelicis, the first Arrowhead Club President, her two sons, Tony and Gene who both played football at Burroughs and her daughter, Christie DeFelicis who was a Cheerleader as well as a softball player at Burroughs.

We also mourn the passing of Mrs. Gloria Tovar. Mrs. Tovar was killed by a crazed gunman as she was going to church services on Sunday, August 24, 2014. She is grandmother to current Burroughs Varsity player, Nathan Tovar.

We hope that you keep both of these families in your thoughts and prayers. If you know either of the families please reach out and let them know you care.


Fabian Ospina

President, JB Arrowhead Club

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